About Us

Advanced Coatings LLC - wet coatings specialty businessAdvanced Coatings Inc. (ACI) is a high quality wet coatings specialty business located in West Bend, Wisconsin.

ACI specializes in the application of liquid primers, topcoats, military coatings, specialty coatings, zinc phosphate and aluminum conversion coatings.

ACI has an established reputation for its quality, customer service, and attention to detail for each project.

  • About ACI
    • Superior Painted Coatings, On Time, At A Competitive Price
    • Established in 1983
    • Located In West Bend, Wisconsin
    • 60,000 square foot facility
  • Equipment/Capabilities
    • 9 stage continuous flow wash line
    • 5 independent paint lines with cure ovens
    • On site Sandblast Capabilities
    • Off-line Chemical Wash Capability
    • Off-line Paint Capability For Larger Components
  • Customer Benefits
    • Flexibility to handle even the most demanding requirements.
    • Quick Turn Ability At Customers Request
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • On Time Delivery
    • Best Quality
    • Excellent Communication
    • Responsive Customer Service Teams
    • Competitive Pricing